Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pregnancy and such......

Well, HELLO! I feel terrible about not blogging during my pregnancy, so I've decided to start now. I am now 23 weeks deep into my pregnancy! We found out around 15 weeks or so that we are having a little boy, Jackson Trent. It was confirmed at my 20 week Anatomy ultrasound that he is, indeed, a "HE" ! We are ecstatic! Let me back up to the moment, and day, I knew I was pregnant.
(September 24th, 2009) THE DAY!

We were not TRYING to get pregnant, let me clarify that. We decided that it was a good time for me to get off of BCP. I had some anxiety issues, and I thought they may be resolved by stopping hormones. I didn't realize in 1 1/2 months I would be pregnant :). It was a Thursday night, and I was babysitting my little niece, Miss Anna-Kate. (Oneporkchopblogspot's baby girl) While I was holding her in my bed, I had the urge to go and take a pregnancy test. It was the day of my Expected (.) so I wanted to make sure everything was OK. Well, after taking the test, it was positive almost immediately! OMG! Was this really happening to me? Feelings of Love, Happiness, Excitement, and Euphoria rushed over me all at once. I was SO excited! However, I think I was in a little DENIAL. Trent was working late, so he wasn't home yet. I then took another test, and BOOM, positive once again. I was so nervous, and anxious for Trent's reaction. He got home about 1 hour after I tested, and when I showed him the test, he laughed and didn't believe it. But it was confirmed the next day, that I was indeed pregnant!

A lot has happened since then. I have feelings of extreme happiness one minute, and I'm scared out of my mind the next. I know everything is going to be okay, but it's still very scary to be bringing a life into this world. I cannot even express the love that I have for this little wild child in my belly already. I think about him, and want to feel him move every second of the day. It's amazing how much you can love something that you do not even know. I dream about the day we meet him, and we can hold him in our arms. I can't wait to see the love Trent has for his son. I feel SO blessed to have this little baby boy in my belly, and I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to be his parents. Thank you lord for your blessings. :)

His precious Profile at 13 weeks pregnant.

It's a boy!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's like the wind

So, I have a dog named Reggie Bush. He is a little dauschaund/terrier mix and around a year old. I love him to pieces. We actually adopted him from his previous owners who couldn't have dogs in their apt. He is the most precious dog you will ever meet! He sleeps with us, and he's usually right by my side. I'm not saying he's perfect. He's not the brightest dog. Although, I know he's smarter than he lets on to be. He LOVES to run is when this story gets interesting.

I work 12 hour shifts at a time. I have a short week of 2 12's, followed by my long week of 4 12's straight. I can't complain though, I get five whole days off every other week! Well, yesterday was my first day off after my 4, so I was tired. I'm not one of those perfect women who wake up at 7:00 to make breakfast for their husbands, WHATEVER! NO, I would much rather be selfish and sleep until 10:00, thanks. So that's what we did, we slept in until around 9:45. I usually sleep in something sexy for my man: boxers, and an old t-shirt. Well, I wake up looking beautiful with my oily hair pulled in a clip, and no tanner on. (I have to have tanner, I am whiter than snow) Doing what he does best, Reggie has to pee. Which is fine, I usually always take him out first thing. I couldn't find the leash, but I trust that Reggie would never run from me. Yeah.

We get outside on the porch, and things seem okay. It seems like Reggie is going to be a good boy. That is, until I spot him. Our retired older neighbor who is ALWAYS in his yard. (We do not have a privacy fence*sobs*) He is quietly watering his garden, and then Reggie is off. I am PANICKED! I am like, OH Shitakemushrooms! I look like lowlife death! I scream at Reggie, NOOOOOOOOO please come back!!!!!!!! He doesn't. He runs all the way to this poor guy, and acts like he is going to pee on his plants! I hear the old man saying, "NO, do not PEE!!!!" I then start running over there. I am running with my white legs exposed in boxers, a t-shirt on without a bra, no makeup, hair in a clip, and no shoes. My secret is now given away. Yes, I am a lazy person. The worst part? Reggie still won't come to me. I am so mad. The guy is saying, "It's okay, I just don't want him to pee on my plants!" I'm apoligizing, and I finally get a hold of him! I snatch him up by his back hair, and bring him back. Saying a silent prayer that he isn't looking at my scarry white legs.(Which I'm sure he was, poor guy) We finally get back to the house, and I fuss at him but I'm sure it will do no good. I'm sure he will do it to me again. Oh the day in the life of a pet owner without a fence.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks Natalie


Hip hop hooray

I have always wanted to write a blog. I dabbled in it when I was around 19, but I never stuck with anything. This time, hopefully, I will stick around.

About my title. When I was a little girl, I LOVED Lays sour cream and onion chips. Loved them. Well, I used to call them "Green dot chips". To this day, they are still my favorite. I also still call them that. Yes, I'm really mature. My sister started a blog, and it really has inspired me to write one about my life. It's very boring, so I'm not sure how many followers I will have. Probably just my sister, aww. HOPEFULLY though, some of her friends and my friends (that I want to know about it) and family will read! :)

For those of you who do not know me, I am Nicolle. * Nice to meet you:) * I live in a really small town in Southern Mississippi. It's a really nice place to live, and for the most part I enjoy it. We are close to New Orleans and the Coast, so how can you be bored? I am a total family person. I don't think I could ever move because that would take me away from my family. I am a Respiratory therapist and I work at a local hospital here. It's really small, but I like it a lot. I love my field :).

I am married to a wonderful, sweet man. His name is Trent. We have been married since December 15th, 2006. We have no children yet, but I hope to start trying next year. We do have, unfortch, 3 dogs and a cat. I know you probably think I am being mean when I say "unfortch", but I will explain. I am Dr. Doolittle. It seems like everywhere I go, SUDDENLY there is an animal that I MUST save. I just saved another one two weeks ago- Thankfully my kind mother-in-law adopted him. :) I just can't help myself! We have a Black Lab- Sallie Marie, A Louisiana Catahoula- Dottie, A Cat- Bud, and our baby boy Dauschaund/Terrier mix- Reggie Bush. I love them all very much, but I have to be honest.....they put me through hell. I'll get into that later though. :)

Well, that's it for now. I am going to try to update this as soon as possible. Sorry if I am SUPER boring- I am starving and have no energy to be lively! LOL!


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